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A New Way

to Float

Our goal is to offer the best in recreational water experiences. Our products are designed to provide a lightweight, collapsible, adjustable, and durable. This means it’s incredibly easy to use, stores easily, adjusts to your comfort, and is built to last

The Float-N-Fold concept makes them easy to travel with as they collapse and take up very little room. Perfect for Lakes, Rivers, or even swimming pools in your backyard! The products match the way YOU want to float, sitting up or more laid back and lounging

There really is no better way to float!

Grand Floats

Why Would You Float Any Other Way?

Our USA made, patent-pending design means you can float in style, your way.



Created for ease of use, our lightweight foam design makes carrying your float in and out of the water a breeze.



No more running out of space! Our collapsible floats allow for easy and convenient storage.



We tested different hinges and hinge placements to ensure maximum comfort and adjustability! So if you prefer to lay back and relax or sit up while you float, you’ll be fully supported.



Our patent-pending lightweight foam design doesn’t sacrifice durability for comfort – our floats are built to last!

Grand Floats

Float-N-Fold Seat

Here's why you'll love it.

The Float-N-Fold Seat's hinges are moved inward making a smaller cradle, which is ideal for sitting straight up in the water. The smaller cradle provides support underneath you, while also supporting your lower back.

Also, our patent-pending design is lightweight, collapsible, and adjustable to fit different body types and situations.

We can't think of a better way to float!


Float-N-Fold Lounger

Let us tell you why it's SO comfy and relaxing.

The Float-N-Fold Lounger's hinge placement creates a larger cradle allowing you to sit deeper in the float. This allows you to sit in more of a lounge position and also allows you to lie back with your feet out of the water.

Now that's true comfort.

This patent-pending design is lightweight, collapsible, and adjustable to fit different body types and situations!

Is there a better way to relax in the water?

Water Chain

Float-N-Fold Water Chain

Float on with the Float-N-Fold Water Chain.

Bulky water mats take up way too much space, making them difficult to stow and transport. Our Float-N-Fold Water Chain fits perfectly in lockers and under seats, and with its lightweight design, getting in and out of the water is a breeze!

For maximum fun, use our patent-pending design hinges to connect to even more Float-N-Fold mats! The possibilities are endless.

Grand Floats

Float-N-Fold Water Mat

Who says you can't gather around the table in the lake?

Not us.

We say grab some cold drinks and a bunch of your loved ones.

Then go sip, chat, and float together wherever you want with the Float-N-Fold Water Mat!

** Hinges are not removable