Why Grand Floats?

Our USA made, patented design is brought to you by two lake day enthusiasts who want you to make the most of your summer! Through our unique design process, we discovered a new way to float that doesn’t sacrifice ease of use, or comfort, for durability.

Grand Floats are built to last!

Our Story

Husband and wife team, Zach and Kerri Stevens, had lived on Grand Lake in Oklahoma for years. And their love for recreation and lounging on the water with friends led them to trying out float after float. But what they discovered was that standard floats disrupted the good time they were trying to have. They took up too much space on their boat. Their heavy weight made them tough to take out and put away, and so on.

So they wanted full-sized floats that were compact, easy to handle, hands-free in the water, comfortable, and easy to balance on. They wanted floats that allowed them to socialize with friends without struggle. Out of these desires, Grand Floats was born. Now they produce products like the Float-N-Fold Seat and Float-N-Fold Water Mat out of a deep love and appreciation for good times with great company!

Interview with the Founder